Sunday, 3 July 2011

And I Love You So

Haiee dolss...today is Sunday..N i pretty bored, nasib last nyte my sis n her friends,Nana teman me kt blik. So, just layan movie ajerlahkan. Herm..Nothing to story exactly..Just nk komen about dis tagalog movie.  title adalah (And I Love You So).This movie is so.............romantic + sad + realistic. Starring by my kakak Bea Alonzo(hahaha), Sam Milby and Derek Ramsey. Hero die wa ckap lu, body mantap. And second hero which is Chris ade iras2 muke Remy gituw. Auwww...Well, dis story shows on how one woman can survives after her true love dead. Well, u all byangkan, after she found her true loves, then he treats her well, then she marry him. Just for 5months, he died & lefts her n she became widowed. Well, she cannot do anything for that ryte. Several months after suffering, then baru die terjumpe one hot guy. Dis guy help her to move on her life. They all keep advicing among each others, till dorang jatuh cinte. Auuww..but then she still cant forget her husband. Eyh, of courselah kan...sape xsyang husband. N d sweet thing is, roh husband die always ade whenever she needs advice & feel lonely. Serius, me crying tgok movie niyh.hahaha..Me mmg over ckit..hahaha..Last nyte tgok Kuch Kuch Hota Hai pun nk menangis.Lololol me. When Chris admit that he fell in love with Lara, Lara xboleyh terime coz he dont want anybody to replace her husband. How sweet huhhh...Till the moment husband Lara sndiri ckap yg she just have to let him go. Means, jgan terlampau meroyan sgat kot??hhaha...Maksudnyer, die kne terimelah yg husband kesayangan die dah xde, n she has to move on with her wonderful life. The best words saying by Oliver yg I suke dengar adelah ("Suffering is an option & Happines is a choice").And I strongly agree with him.)...Hehehhe...Ok then..itu sahajer..well tagalog movie sgat best. Even my boyfiee ejek I sbab suke sgat lyan philiphinos niyh, do I care?hahaha...English diorang unique, skin dorang fantastics and hero, jgan ckaplah...5 stars.Hemsem2..ish2..hahaha...kalah Korea korang...hikhikhik.Ok bye...xoxo

see??my kakak..cantik x??haha

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