Wednesday, 6 July 2011

FAT LOSS Operations!!!

Haie n Hello dolls...during dis weekend me n friends tetibe pulak rajin kan nk gi gym...baru sedar yg selame ni body xstabil..me, sha n feb nk loss weight, while tt nk gain weight...Actually, I dah register pon dgan gym UiTM..but tyme sem 1 lh kan...then have to pre-register...When arrived there, ingt blh terus masuk gym lah kan..nk men2 dgan all dat stuff,,hahha...sekali kene wat ujian kecerdasan & kecergasan pulak dahhh....Ni yg paling mlas + xlarat. Because immune system I mmg sgat lemah..hahaha..xdinafikan lagik..Dulu tyme school rendah blhlah kan, terlompat sane sini, play hockey smpi men netball dgan laki pon ade..hhahaha..Sekarang makin besar makin berat lak bdan kn..hohoo..Pity me,=(

DAY 1:
Habis kelas, pegi lepak SCR jap. then rest kejaplah,tido ke ape ker..must get enough restlhkan...then aroung 5.30pm, trus menapak pergi gym..OMG, tibe2 rase takut..hahaha..then we all enter the office n register, n two guy had been assigned to be our instructor. Kigen (soorry, if salah eja Gen!!)hahah..then lagi sorg I lupelh, but dis two are very supportive, nice and funny.Then we have to start our test which is 2.4km running. N the hard thing is, we have to do it within 20min only. Geeshhh....20min??hahhhaa...Me dh malas dah actually,but tgok Gen mcam grang jerkan..hahah..siap 4low pkai basikal tyme first round, then lagi satu instructor said its okay if I xlarat.Jangan dipakse.(hohoho..die sgat baik, dan saya amik kesempatan)..hahaha..but siyesly, its hurt. Because me berjalan smpi ke desa ilmu pkai heels, goosshh....sakit tahu???..Till now, my toes rase mcam tersepit kt pintu.huhu..The rest sume dpat hbiskan 4 pusingan..WOW them.heee…Before tgu my friends smpi, I just sembang2 dgan both instructor, rupenyer diorg degree and tgh intern kt situ..haha..Gen & his frens taught dat Im Sarawakian..No,I’m notlh..hahaha..Dah tau org KL, dan2 pulak kaka lepeh dgan I..hahhha..but they said its pretty good me dah fasih bahasa Sarawak..heehe..Yeayy..N the test end, they said we have to come back tomorrow,okey…mesti dtang..Semangat okeyh..hahaha..My friends sume excited..Well, they all ckap instructor kiut..hahahha..Erm..ya3..I agree..But I lagi suke usha those yg dtang ctu, lagi kiutt n macho okeyh..ahhaha (ok,statement gtal di situ)..Sorry Bam syang..I can’t help it..Well, gurl just being a gurl..hee..

DAY 2:
After class, we all kete Mai untuk angkut barang ke Gading. Untuk festival nntikan, Thank God pet ade sume brang..senang kjer I dgan Su. Me actually dah penat tyme tuh,  but then xleh tido, pastu mandi n siap2 pegi gym..hahahha..Bukan xsabar okeyh..just excited because harini mesti dh blh men threadmill tuh..kikiki..Then smpai2 jer, we all knew at test “brench press” n mcam2 lagi. Erm, ade yg pass n ade yg x..Its pretty hard okeyh, nasib they all xterlalu memaksa.huhuh..Then dah masuk gym, we all kne angkat berat.Wow..hahah..I dunno berape kg..tp sgat berat okeyh..No wonderlh why kne tonggek2 bontot tuh..Sambil tgu the rest angkat berat, me ckap kt Gen, me nak men gym.Fuhhh…nasib bek boleh.hahaha…Okeyh, the funny thingy here is when I’ve been told untuk “menonggekkan bontot saye”.hahahha..I dun no nape I xleyh wat…rase mcam keras jer lutut2 niyh..hahha..Berape kali try, smpai Gen dah tergelak2 n ejek coz tgok body I keras ajer.And the other one to ckap I patutnyer blh wat.Because he said my body jenis blh lentik2..hahaha…Apalah…Still,all my friends dh tunjuk ajar, but then I still cant.hahahah..Then, kne mintak tlong senior kt situ guide me from back..hahah..Bolehlah ckit..terangkat jugak dat thing..But tengkuk I sakit okeyh skrg..Nk tido pon rase sengal2..Hohohoho..But its oklah, best wat spend your time at the gym. Plus ade lagu2 ala clubbing kt citukn,lagi semangatlah nk ade kt situ. Instructor pon I tgok baik2 ajer…xde yg too strict..hahaha..Kalau I taw dh lame I pergi gym n I guess dh kurus kot skrg..huahuahua.

Ha..n u my honey.dah jadik orang pulau skrgkan??hahahha..Sorry to call u dat, mane xnyer, when I kol bunyik mcam ade kt planet pe tah. How I miss you so much sayng..And I love you so..cehceh.hee.Cant wait to see u dis raya. N nnti tyme I practical kt KLCC pun u ade kt Melaka ryte.huhu..nasiblah ade shasha dekat sane nnti..Die blh teman saye lunch ryte.hehe..Thanx syg, even kite jauh, u never missed to call or message me. Even xselalu mcam dlu, but I pham. We both ade kelas n tgungjwab masing2kan. As long we still remember each other n setie, then it's okeyh with me. U pun kdang2 always update me, ryte. N dats make me love u more n more, u know???Erm, sorry kalau salah, tpkan honey, sejak u jadik org pulau u mcam dah manjelah..hahahha...jgan mrah okeyh. heee..I LOVE YOU SO MUCH OK SAYANG..XOXO

See??Dah lame I xsweating mcam niyh..heeee

Look my stomach..sgat tidak comel..Wish untuk rampingkannyer soon...hahaha

Syang..sorry for being noty in class..hahaha...Im bored dat tyme..

Sunday, 3 July 2011

And I Love You So

Haiee dolss...today is Sunday..N i pretty bored, nasib last nyte my sis n her friends,Nana teman me kt blik. So, just layan movie ajerlahkan. Herm..Nothing to story exactly..Just nk komen about dis tagalog movie.  title adalah (And I Love You So).This movie is so.............romantic + sad + realistic. Starring by my kakak Bea Alonzo(hahaha), Sam Milby and Derek Ramsey. Hero die wa ckap lu, body mantap. And second hero which is Chris ade iras2 muke Remy gituw. Auwww...Well, dis story shows on how one woman can survives after her true love dead. Well, u all byangkan, after she found her true loves, then he treats her well, then she marry him. Just for 5months, he died & lefts her n she became widowed. Well, she cannot do anything for that ryte. Several months after suffering, then baru die terjumpe one hot guy. Dis guy help her to move on her life. They all keep advicing among each others, till dorang jatuh cinte. Auuww..but then she still cant forget her husband. Eyh, of courselah kan...sape xsyang husband. N d sweet thing is, roh husband die always ade whenever she needs advice & feel lonely. Serius, me crying tgok movie niyh.hahaha..Me mmg over ckit..hahaha..Last nyte tgok Kuch Kuch Hota Hai pun nk menangis.Lololol me. When Chris admit that he fell in love with Lara, Lara xboleyh terime coz he dont want anybody to replace her husband. How sweet huhhh...Till the moment husband Lara sndiri ckap yg she just have to let him go. Means, jgan terlampau meroyan sgat kot??hhaha...Maksudnyer, die kne terimelah yg husband kesayangan die dah xde, n she has to move on with her wonderful life. The best words saying by Oliver yg I suke dengar adelah ("Suffering is an option & Happines is a choice").And I strongly agree with him.)...Hehehhe...Ok then..itu sahajer..well tagalog movie sgat best. Even my boyfiee ejek I sbab suke sgat lyan philiphinos niyh, do I care?hahaha...English diorang unique, skin dorang fantastics and hero, jgan ckaplah...5 stars.Hemsem2..ish2..hahaha...kalah Korea korang...hikhikhik.Ok bye...xoxo

see??my kakak..cantik x??haha

Saturday, 25 June 2011


Gilrs in pain.


This pic is taken by my boyfie tyme we all pergi Bukit Cerakah tyme cuti haritu..siyes..I have a great day with him. Die ajar I swimming (ok,,malu xpndai swim). Then, most funny is when i termuntah..Maybe terlampau penat, yelah..berbasikal ntah brape km n bukit yg kne pnjat plus dpat pengalaman kne kejar dgan babun.hahhahaha....so funnyy..Sampai die pon say sorry sbab ajak I wat aktiviti lasak.hihihi..But its ok...I had a great time with u honey.Tp geram giler coz xpt pergi rumah 4 musim..huhuh...Promise me..kite pergi sane cuti nnti k..heheheh...Big Hugs..<3<3

Friday, 24 June 2011


Haa.....video yg first adelah moment I bersame yg tersayang..Dkat Bubba Gump...clebrating my 20 birthday...heee...thanx honey for dat day...n ke-due tyme akak sedare nikah..But then, I yg lebiyh2..hahhaa/./..well..u know me...dis video just for u to watch honey...love u..(^^,=)

Thursday, 23 June 2011


When I was at the aiport...cant wait to see u bie...=)


gray lens by LARKIE...(^^<+)

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Muke mengader2..hahaha
I wish I can get tis...cute huhhhh...=)



I MISS MY BEDROOM............
I MISS MY PARENTS, FAMILIES........................
I MISS CHATTING...........
I MISS DO THE THINGS I LOVE................

I just miss the good old days that I used to have...=(
I wanna go home...cant wait to finish my study here. Mcam xpercaye how I can survive here for almost three years here.huhuhu..After that I'll go back to KL..Well, frankly speaking mmglah agak tough  bile berade di tempat orang..how we manage ourselves, how we communicate with local people here (yg jnis bnyak perangai pelik2) tuh...but i cannot be so choosy...ni baru Sarawak aite!!huhuh.Ade terdengar setengah dak semenanjung baru kejap kt cni dah mintak transfer..huhuu..Me myself pernah rase camtulah..mmglah rase xselese kt tempat orang..tp bile dah lame2 kire ok wat...

At least u have some experiences bah..(hahha...sbah lah bah..).Who knows when u have to go to the FOREIGNERS country. How u can survive there ryte?? Like me..even orang kate me looks like manja or whatsoever..me always berdikari tahu??For examples, when I was Standard 6, i stay at hostel. Even my home dekat...jer dgan school...Just want to experience the life at hostel..huhuu..Venture huh..=)...My daddy kan askar, so we moves a lot..and I juger dh jumper mcam2 jenis orang dalam dunie ni..And I know them well. Ade rase mcam power ckit, bukan superpower apelah..hahahaha..Just boleh tahu perangai someone niyh just lihat muka die jer..hahhaa..But xsemestinyer betul,but 70% btullh tekaan I. I pernah try okeyh..hahaha..And sgat btul, bile I try teke macam mane perangai seseorang tuh, then I akan tanyer someone pasal his/her background kt sesape yg kenal. Then, we;ll see the result.hahahhaha...Tapilahkan, my point di sinilah..I dun like people yg selalu membawak mulut, like bile u dah berkawan dengan seseorang or just kenal die (xpernah tergur langsung,ok!!) then u will tell the others about the bad behaviors that she done before..Well, u kan xkenal dat person btul2, so what for lah nk bwak mulut pasal die kan??I guess orang mcam ni hati busuklah..Sgat irihati n jealousy maybe.     

But well, nobody's perfect in this world. If kite kate someone itu jahat, kite ni ape pulak ryte??So, just be normal, positive, when u r always been in unlucky situations or u feel sad with ur life like xde boyfiee ker, xde member ke just accept it. Maybe Allah have a big plans for us. Just wait...Because actually orang yg sedih2 niyh selalunye akan bahagie di kemudian hari..But it depends on one's faith. All this dah ditentukan oleh Allah kan. Just wait n see..Till then. bnyak dah membebel..I;m so tireddd...Pagi tadi pegi klinik, lucu lah..ahahahhaha...Doc yang garang itu senyum n tunjuk thumbs up to me..Terus rase bersemangat!!Hahahah..But bila dah masuk kelas...I diam sahajer..Well, its okay though, this sem i just trying my best lah ok...(^^,=)