Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I like dis activities damn mucchh!!1..hahahhaa

Rifhan Ruzaini punyer okeyh!!..=)

When I was at home during dis hols, suke sgat wat webbie2 activities niyh..hahaha..Boring babes..hehehe..Well, actually mase nih la kan kite boleh posing2 maut bagai..hahaha..but for me mang xbleyhla nk uplod Fb. Bahayer okeyh..HHAHHAHAA..Why I said so?? Baru2 ni my bro sound pic I dgn boyfiee..hahhaah...Trus delete.Well, takut dgan abglah katekan..ahhaha..Well, 1 more weeks nk balik study Sarawak. Overseas okeyh..haha..Over south China Sea ajer.. Oh syang.. I will be missing u badly, then petang2 mesti I akan jadik budak baek lepak2 jer kt bilik. I akan un9, layan movies, tido n wat pape jerlah yg best, Oh Goddddd...huhuu...sape akan teman I pergi MyChicken nnti?huhuhu..Promise me u akan dtang Sarawak nnti. Hope mase fasting months..okeyh..Boleh u teman I pegi berbuke nnti..HEHEHEH..Well, as u mention syang..jgan luper..kite kne skype everyday okeyh...PROMISE ME!!!SAYANG U!!!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Emotions & Feelings..-_______________-

.What I Feel.

*I want u to trust me and never thinks bad about me. Or else I will cry and thinks of why u cannot believes me as I do.
*I want u to talk with me, advices me and do give me supports when I was upset.
*I want u to know that I always love u and miss u any seconds in my life.
*Even there's a lot of boy out there, I only love u, I never cheat on u till now. I want u to know dat.
*I want u to spend lots of ur time with me nor thinking bout me.
*Bile2 muke u masam or xde mood, I will know dat I'm not supposed to talk with u or disturb u.
*I willing to change my attitude n behavior just because of u & I do really hope dat u will appreciate me.
*I know I pernah make u upset, that's why u kurang percaya I..but please...for this time..BELIEVES ME!!!!
*I'm very happy biler kite continuous texting, calling on the phone,,it was the best moment in my life. Feels like I don't want to hang up our conversation on dat nyte. But, well again...I dun want to disturb u.
*I just want u to know, whenever at Sarawak, I will be missing u very badly. Or even crying bile dekat airport.
*U, just remember, Nursyuhada Azwin love u very much..Please dun make her sad or cry...Pleaseeeeeee...

20'w with HIM & THEM

Sile abaikan loyot itu okeyh..ahahha..Thanx all..=0

A day with my syang n Adi at The Curve, Damansara

Sayang punyer Blackberry....heee

Nursyuhada Azwin

Sunday, 22 May 2011

.How I wish!!.

Okeyh..sempene masuk 20's niyh...I just wanna say I want to wish several things for dis year n forever. Actually, wish ni dtang mase tiup lilin my cakes.heee..At first, I sorg jer tau..but now I share just for someone to know..:

* I wish that I will be more happier than before..Success in my life and have a healthy body.
* I wish that no more tears for silly things..I just want to cry for something that SPECIAL n Amaze me only.
* I wish that all people that love me will live happily and peacefully without any problems.
* I wish I have answer to every single thing that become a big mistakes for me & I really want to fix it soon.
* I wish I can love Rifhan Ruzaini and spend my lifetime with him. Just him.
* I wish I can do many exciting things in my life rather than sitting around and complaining about having a boring life. 
* I wish that my faces clear from any pimples, blackhead or acnes. It annoys me you know. But how to do.I have Resdung..Too bad for me..=(
* I wish I can wear tudung, hijab or shawl soon. Really, I love it..n also to makes others happy seeing me wearing tudung.
* I wish that I will get better results than before and study smartly.
* I wish that no matter how big problems will come into my life, I get a strength to defeat it and didnt make a compliment for it.
* I wish dat all my family will live happily and peacefully.
* I wish dat they have healthy body and didn't get sick at all..(How I wish for dis).
* I wish dat my family will be more happier than before. Just Allah knows how I love them so much!!
* I wish dat my daddy will stop smoking. And if true he will chosen to go to Sudan, Ya Allah, please keep him safe & healthy.
* I wish that all my siblings will do great in their studies n get a good results for their future.

Rifhan Ruzaini Azhar
* I wish that you will love every hours, minutes & seconds in ur life.
* I wish that you're the one that will be my hubbie & direct me in this life.
* I wish that whenever you miss me, thinking of me and worried about me, u will crying & afraid dat u will lose me . Bcoz dats what I did for u dear.
* I wish that you will believe me always for what Im saying, Im doing..Even lots of Buaye Darat di luar sane try to seduce me,..I never ever let u down honey..I only love u, just you.
* I wish that u never ever & ever let me down or sad. Well, we will start process Hubungan Jarak Jauh nnti..huhuhu..OMG..i will miss u..really!!
* I wish that you know how I really love u Rifhan Ruzaini. How I really miss u..even we didn't see each other for one day.. I already missing u.
* I wish you didn't get mad if I ask u to texting with me all the time.
* I wish that I'll be more important than ur friends.
* I wish that ur mummy will likes me soon..( future mother-in law).
* I wish that u will accept me no matter how I am. I dun want to be hypocrite when I was with u.
* I wish that u will remember every sweet moment dat happen in our relationship. And keep it freshly in ur heart.
* I wish that u never ever have a bored feeling when u with me.

Lots of I Wish huh??Actually, its more babes. But this only I can remember.Lagipun, Im sick now. Have to listen to honey. I have to rest to stay healthy.OK,till then..Have a good day!!

Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm 20th!!

First of all...Happy Birthday to me...auwww...I dh 20 yawww...seems like I was a child yg suke bermanje dgan org di sekeliling jerkan? Now, no more belasan lagi dah.n yg penting dis age I have to be more mature okeyh..Dah xboleh manje sgat dah...haha..Dh tue, okeyh!!Hihihihi....for this year..bnyak yg I wishkan n hope that it will come true...but later I will list it. To those yg dah wish to me...thanx a lot!!!LOVE U ALL SO MUCHIEEE!! Can't wait to see my darling tmorrow..n spend time with him..Well, last year I celebrate it with friends only, and now I together with my syang (Rifhan Ruzaini) ..erm..LOVE him so muchh..Jumper esokk syng!!!!!(^^,=)..BIG HUGS!!!! XOXO

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Si Rabbit

Si Bobo & Bob

Dis entry adalah sempene  mengingati rabbit putih yg dh mati..huhuhu..saba k cica..jgan ngis..we'll buy another one later.or maybe kite bela bnde lain pulak..ehhehe..My lil sis mesti sediyh bcoz she used to play with this two pets..skrg dh tgal satu..chill k cica.=))

14 OCTOBER 2010 (Mahal Na Mahal Kita)

When I was at home during dis holidays...I always thinking of Rifhan Ruzaini Azhar niyh..erm  I love him so much laa..can't wait to see u next week sayang..hehehe..dis entry I buat sempene mengingati tarikh kite declare which is 14 Oct..Heehhe,,Rifhan n Awin...Ceh2..I still remember the time when I ask u to wait for my answer..Well..u mmg penyabar honey..Lagipon.time tu kan tgh final..I xnak kcau our emotion so dh start cuti sem baru I ckap i terime u as my boy..Ape lagi..mesti gembirekan u syang??hehhehe..Me too..at last I found someone who really love me, d one who willing to do anything for me..U sendiri taukan syang,,xramai yg boleh tahan dgan kerenah I.u r the only one know ways how to handle me firmly. Well,..smetimes I agak kasar dgan u..but well that's Awin..Sorry if I terlampau manje dgan u syg...hihii..I dah terbiase begitu..k done..Back to the entry, then bile kite dh declare..u ask me out kan?Well sgat best hbiskan mase dgan u syg.,u always make me smile,laugh n giler2..Biler dgan u I xcover2 pon.men lepas jer..but i still respect u as my future husband okeyh..Ceh3..And thanx bcoz u berani jumper ibu I n mngadap adik I yg ramai tuh..hahaha..Well..me mmg ade big family..hahaha..Bahagiekan???Anyway syg, thanks for loving me..hidup saye di Sarawak next sem mesti boring tnpe kamoo..xde tmpat mgadu..xde org saye nk cubit..Hahaha,,tp Adib kate die sedie jadi pengganti..Boleh cubit die suke hati..hhahaa..sukehati jer cubit anak orgkan??Tapi, its okay for me..I will try my best to finish my study n be what I want to be all dis while okeyh..I want to make all of us happy n success..Remember my promises..nti kite pergi bercuti overseas with my parents o family...i sudah kan??hahah,(jeles disitu)..okey Honey..I HEART YOU SO MUCH..N I MISS YOU EVERY SECONDS,.(^^,=)

Taman Rekreasi Shah Alam

Victoria Station
Thanx honey for the flowers

I-city Shah Alam

This pic is when we hanging out together...pergi Genting, KLCC n I-City..Thanx for it k sayang..I really appreciated it..xsangke u buy for me a dress n kite pergi dinner kt Victoria Station.Thank you so mucchh..Terharu taw..eceehh...Then biler kite pergi I-City..I ajak u..mule2 uxnak..then u bawak jugak..hee..Then biler kite g Genting..well i ngaku i takut nek roller-coater..tp demi u xperlah..hahaha..But so sorry..space shot mang i xberani nek..too HIGhER for me okeyh..Kang takut termuntah lak..hahah,,Big Thanx to u okeyh..Our moment will always strong in my mind..Anyway honey..
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FOR US ..We have been in LOVE for 7 MONTHS & 1 DAY OKEYH!!!heee

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fave May (^^,=)

Hell-o..loook back for the entry..hurm  I guess just wanna say why I really heart this May. N yet, May has always be my fave Month since forever. And why May is so special to me? It's because in May we got Labor Day, we also have Mother's Day n to make it sounds perfect we got lots of great movies in May.(eg. Fast Five, Red Riding Hood,n many-many more).hoho..mlas nk list kan...too many...Well..maybe bcoz time ni rmai org on holidays kan...plus besday org2 yg istimewe..(okeyh..statement perasan,,)hahah..but its true..based on my observation..Taurus people niyh own smething differ from others okeyh?? hahahahhaha...oklah...tp mase May ni bukan ade kluar sgat pon..well dgan cuace yg maha panas niyh..plus I xkjer..mane nk dpat duit..hahha..well..So Sad..heee...But.its okay for me though, at least dpat hbiskna mase dgan family n biler2 ade mase I akan kuar dgan my boyfie..
       Frankly speaking I didnt expect much for my besday this year? Me myself dunno why..heee..hurm..my syang ckap nk wat smething for my besday..but I said to him..i xkisah sgat..paling penting kek jer..hahha..xdemand kan?? D funny thingy is when I kua date dgan dia harituh..n masuk toy store..tu mmg aktiviti wajib kitorg kalo pegi mall..welll..Bam mmg camtu..hahah..CHILDISH xkne tempat..but its ok for me..bcoz I pun childish smetimes..(ahhahahaaa...=>)..ok ckop.then,bile smpai kt rak yg display bnyak2 dolls n bunny tuu..boleh my syg tnyer.."u nak bear ni x, or minnie?mickey or barney?".n I was like eyh die niyh...mcam anak die lak an tanyer gtuw..hahahha..aper da..n I said.."Ish,u niyh..katil dh penuh dgan bear n bunny,can u offer me smething different?".n die gelak...giler bukan..hhahha.. dats one thing I like about my boyfie. always layan kerena..He sooo...adorable for me...sweet..funny..caring...n many2 moree..ok stop..n this some pic for dis entry..ENJOY..(^^=)

nmpak bende pelik jer truuss snap...hooooohoho


Biler kt rumah,webcam jadik activity wajib..ngeeee

mE..(creedit to My Syg)..hee