Monday, 23 May 2011

Emotions & Feelings..-_______________-

.What I Feel.

*I want u to trust me and never thinks bad about me. Or else I will cry and thinks of why u cannot believes me as I do.
*I want u to talk with me, advices me and do give me supports when I was upset.
*I want u to know that I always love u and miss u any seconds in my life.
*Even there's a lot of boy out there, I only love u, I never cheat on u till now. I want u to know dat.
*I want u to spend lots of ur time with me nor thinking bout me.
*Bile2 muke u masam or xde mood, I will know dat I'm not supposed to talk with u or disturb u.
*I willing to change my attitude n behavior just because of u & I do really hope dat u will appreciate me.
*I know I pernah make u upset, that's why u kurang percaya I..but please...for this time..BELIEVES ME!!!!
*I'm very happy biler kite continuous texting, calling on the phone,,it was the best moment in my life. Feels like I don't want to hang up our conversation on dat nyte. But, well again...I dun want to disturb u.
*I just want u to know, whenever at Sarawak, I will be missing u very badly. Or even crying bile dekat airport.
*U, just remember, Nursyuhada Azwin love u very much..Please dun make her sad or cry...Pleaseeeeeee...

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