Sunday, 15 May 2011

14 OCTOBER 2010 (Mahal Na Mahal Kita)

When I was at home during dis holidays...I always thinking of Rifhan Ruzaini Azhar niyh..erm  I love him so much laa..can't wait to see u next week sayang..hehehe..dis entry I buat sempene mengingati tarikh kite declare which is 14 Oct..Heehhe,,Rifhan n Awin...Ceh2..I still remember the time when I ask u to wait for my answer..Well..u mmg penyabar honey..Lagipon.time tu kan tgh final..I xnak kcau our emotion so dh start cuti sem baru I ckap i terime u as my boy..Ape lagi..mesti gembirekan u syang??hehhehe..Me too..at last I found someone who really love me, d one who willing to do anything for me..U sendiri taukan syang,,xramai yg boleh tahan dgan kerenah I.u r the only one know ways how to handle me firmly. Well,..smetimes I agak kasar dgan u..but well that's Awin..Sorry if I terlampau manje dgan u syg...hihii..I dah terbiase begitu..k done..Back to the entry, then bile kite dh declare..u ask me out kan?Well sgat best hbiskan mase dgan u syg.,u always make me smile,laugh n giler2..Biler dgan u I xcover2 pon.men lepas jer..but i still respect u as my future husband okeyh..Ceh3..And thanx bcoz u berani jumper ibu I n mngadap adik I yg ramai tuh..hahaha..Well..me mmg ade big family..hahaha..Bahagiekan???Anyway syg, thanks for loving me..hidup saye di Sarawak next sem mesti boring tnpe kamoo..xde tmpat mgadu..xde org saye nk cubit..Hahaha,,tp Adib kate die sedie jadi pengganti..Boleh cubit die suke hati..hhahaa..sukehati jer cubit anak orgkan??Tapi, its okay for me..I will try my best to finish my study n be what I want to be all dis while okeyh..I want to make all of us happy n success..Remember my promises..nti kite pergi bercuti overseas with my parents o family...i sudah kan??hahah,(jeles disitu)..okey Honey..I HEART YOU SO MUCH..N I MISS YOU EVERY SECONDS,.(^^,=)

Taman Rekreasi Shah Alam

Victoria Station
Thanx honey for the flowers

I-city Shah Alam

This pic is when we hanging out together...pergi Genting, KLCC n I-City..Thanx for it k sayang..I really appreciated it..xsangke u buy for me a dress n kite pergi dinner kt Victoria Station.Thank you so mucchh..Terharu taw..eceehh...Then biler kite pergi I-City..I ajak u..mule2 uxnak..then u bawak jugak..hee..Then biler kite g Genting..well i ngaku i takut nek roller-coater..tp demi u xperlah..hahaha..But so sorry..space shot mang i xberani nek..too HIGhER for me okeyh..Kang takut termuntah lak..hahah,,Big Thanx to u okeyh..Our moment will always strong in my mind..Anyway honey..
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FOR US ..We have been in LOVE for 7 MONTHS & 1 DAY OKEYH!!!heee

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