Sunday, 22 May 2011

.How I wish!!.

Okeyh..sempene masuk 20's niyh...I just wanna say I want to wish several things for dis year n forever. Actually, wish ni dtang mase tiup lilin my cakes.heee..At first, I sorg jer tau..but now I share just for someone to know..:

* I wish that I will be more happier than before..Success in my life and have a healthy body.
* I wish that no more tears for silly things..I just want to cry for something that SPECIAL n Amaze me only.
* I wish that all people that love me will live happily and peacefully without any problems.
* I wish I have answer to every single thing that become a big mistakes for me & I really want to fix it soon.
* I wish I can love Rifhan Ruzaini and spend my lifetime with him. Just him.
* I wish I can do many exciting things in my life rather than sitting around and complaining about having a boring life. 
* I wish that my faces clear from any pimples, blackhead or acnes. It annoys me you know. But how to do.I have Resdung..Too bad for me..=(
* I wish I can wear tudung, hijab or shawl soon. Really, I love it..n also to makes others happy seeing me wearing tudung.
* I wish that I will get better results than before and study smartly.
* I wish that no matter how big problems will come into my life, I get a strength to defeat it and didnt make a compliment for it.
* I wish dat all my family will live happily and peacefully.
* I wish dat they have healthy body and didn't get sick at all..(How I wish for dis).
* I wish dat my family will be more happier than before. Just Allah knows how I love them so much!!
* I wish dat my daddy will stop smoking. And if true he will chosen to go to Sudan, Ya Allah, please keep him safe & healthy.
* I wish that all my siblings will do great in their studies n get a good results for their future.

Rifhan Ruzaini Azhar
* I wish that you will love every hours, minutes & seconds in ur life.
* I wish that you're the one that will be my hubbie & direct me in this life.
* I wish that whenever you miss me, thinking of me and worried about me, u will crying & afraid dat u will lose me . Bcoz dats what I did for u dear.
* I wish that you will believe me always for what Im saying, Im doing..Even lots of Buaye Darat di luar sane try to seduce me,..I never ever let u down honey..I only love u, just you.
* I wish that u never ever & ever let me down or sad. Well, we will start process Hubungan Jarak Jauh nnti..huhuhu..OMG..i will miss u..really!!
* I wish that you know how I really love u Rifhan Ruzaini. How I really miss u..even we didn't see each other for one day.. I already missing u.
* I wish you didn't get mad if I ask u to texting with me all the time.
* I wish that I'll be more important than ur friends.
* I wish that ur mummy will likes me soon..( future mother-in law).
* I wish that u will accept me no matter how I am. I dun want to be hypocrite when I was with u.
* I wish that u will remember every sweet moment dat happen in our relationship. And keep it freshly in ur heart.
* I wish that u never ever have a bored feeling when u with me.

Lots of I Wish huh??Actually, its more babes. But this only I can remember.Lagipun, Im sick now. Have to listen to honey. I have to rest to stay healthy.OK,till then..Have a good day!!

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