Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Fave May (^^,=)

Hell-o..loook back for the entry..hurm  I guess just wanna say why I really heart this May. N yet, May has always be my fave Month since forever. And why May is so special to me? It's because in May we got Labor Day, we also have Mother's Day n to make it sounds perfect we got lots of great movies in May.(eg. Fast Five, Red Riding Hood,n many-many more).hoho..mlas nk list kan...too many...Well..maybe bcoz time ni rmai org on holidays kan...plus besday org2 yg istimewe..(okeyh..statement perasan,,)hahah..but its true..based on my observation..Taurus people niyh own smething differ from others okeyh?? hahahahhaha...oklah...tp mase May ni bukan ade kluar sgat pon..well dgan cuace yg maha panas niyh..plus I xkjer..mane nk dpat duit..hahha..well..So Sad..heee...But.its okay for me though, at least dpat hbiskna mase dgan family n biler2 ade mase I akan kuar dgan my boyfie..
       Frankly speaking I didnt expect much for my besday this year? Me myself dunno why..heee..hurm..my syang ckap nk wat smething for my besday..but I said to him..i xkisah sgat..paling penting kek jer..hahha..xdemand kan?? D funny thingy is when I kua date dgan dia harituh..n masuk toy store..tu mmg aktiviti wajib kitorg kalo pegi mall..welll..Bam mmg camtu..hahah..CHILDISH xkne tempat..but its ok for me..bcoz I pun childish smetimes..(ahhahahaaa...=>)..ok ckop.then,bile smpai kt rak yg display bnyak2 dolls n bunny tuu..boleh my syg tnyer.."u nak bear ni x, or minnie?mickey or barney?".n I was like eyh die niyh...mcam anak die lak an tanyer gtuw..hahahha..aper da..n I said.."Ish,u niyh..katil dh penuh dgan bear n bunny,can u offer me smething different?".n die gelak...giler bukan..hhahha.. dats one thing I like about my boyfie. always layan kerena..He sooo...adorable for me...sweet..funny..caring...n many2 moree..ok stop..n this some pic for dis entry..ENJOY..(^^=)

nmpak bende pelik jer truuss snap...hooooohoho


Biler kt rumah,webcam jadik activity wajib..ngeeee

mE..(creedit to My Syg)..hee

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