Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm 20th!!

First of all...Happy Birthday to me...auwww...I dh 20 yawww...seems like I was a child yg suke bermanje dgan org di sekeliling jerkan? Now, no more belasan lagi dah.n yg penting dis age I have to be more mature okeyh..Dah xboleh manje sgat dah...haha..Dh tue, okeyh!!Hihihihi....for this year..bnyak yg I wishkan n hope that it will come true...but later I will list it. To those yg dah wish to me...thanx a lot!!!LOVE U ALL SO MUCHIEEE!! Can't wait to see my darling tmorrow..n spend time with him..Well, last year I celebrate it with friends only, and now I together with my syang (Rifhan Ruzaini) ..erm..LOVE him so muchh..Jumper esokk syng!!!!!(^^,=)..BIG HUGS!!!! XOXO

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